Is proud of its association with Brúarfoss Iceland ehf, in one of a kind Humanitarian drive between Iceland and Canada to provide safe, clean drinking water from Iceland’s glacial springs to millions of people worldwide living in water starved regions of the world.

Brúarfoss Iceland ehf, will as a result of this Strategic Partnering Agreement, carry-out through its supply-chain of Expert Preferred Vendors in Iceland, Canada and other European Union Countries a series of infrastructure development and capacity building projects in a number of developing countries where On Guard for Humanity will be delivering water too, and fund these projects by sequestering carbon credits in conformity with the Kyoto Protocol under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change (UNFCCC) and the Carbon Development Mechanism (CDM).

On Guard for Humanity will augment the purchase of water including the management of humanitarian programs in the recipient countries that will include but not be limited to the care and distribution of water to refugee camps and other locations where the needs are dire and urgent. To this end, On Guard for Humanity is garnering support through its philanthropic efforts, donations from both the public and private sectors and the Food and Water Emergency Funds in support of its charitable and humanitarian mission.

This is a long-term project with a strong humanitarian accent, while reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and a reduction on greenhouse gases but also create new jobs across gender lines both in Iceland and in all of the recipient countries, improving living standards and stemming out poverty.