It is the belief of the JAKF, that the partnership will help eliminate the many water-borne diseases, with their attendant environmental and insanitary challenges which continue to afflict large segments of the population in developing countries with devastating consequences.In a move aimed at helping to bring relief to large numbers of people deprived of water because of dried up river sources and the spread of desertification due to global warming, the John A Kufuor Foundation (JAKF) is excited at its partnering the Brúarfoss Iceland ehf, in the provision of clean and safe drinking water from Iceland.

Using cutting-edge technology from its home country, Iceland, and Canada, Brúarfoss Iceland ehf has launched this epoch-making project to transport glacial water through purposely built tankers to needy parts of the world. It is doing this in cooperation with the United Nations Humanitarian and Relief Agency.

John A. Kufuor Foundation