The Brúarfoss HF Mission 
Water, a vital component to the giving and sustainability of life on Earth, is becoming a scarce resource throughout the  world for a variety of reasons. The Brúarfoss HF mission is to singularly redress this deficiency on an unprecedented scale,  by the high volume capture of Icelandic natural  fresh water, conforming to the  highest attainable standard of  quality and purity and,  the distribution  thereof worldwide. The Brúarfoss HF ideological goal is ultimately the preservation of life in all forms. Brúarfoss HF is, of necessity,  a "for profit entity"  but will  operate compassionately  and  philanthropically, whenever and wherever possible.  
Based on revolutionary storage and transportation technology, conventional freight containers are filled with water and delivered directly to the buyer. Once empty, the containers are returned to Brúarfoss HF to be filled again. In the near future, water will be transported in bulk vessels to support  end user infrastructure requirements and for security purposes.
Ísafjörður - The Source

Our source is glacial spring water located in close proximity to a deep water port and requires only gravity to deliver it to containers, vessels, and bottles. At full capacity we will use less than 1% of the total available supply of water in the region. 

The Brúarfoss HF loading and shipping facility is based in Ísafjörður, ideally located to export water within the Western hemisphere, to the Middle East or the rest of the world via commercial shipping hubs like Rotterdam. The Ísafjörður harbor is an ice-free port throughout the year and can accommodate large ships for trans-Atlantic water shipments.  

Ísafjörður, pop. 4,000, sits on a sand reef tucked in between the steep mountains around Ísafjarðardjúp Bay. The town of Ísafjörður draws its name from the fjord which was covered in ice in the winter following the first settlers in 865 AD. Hence, they named the land Iceland.